Many of you have asked about my natural hair journey and wanted to see pictures of my transition. I started my journey in 2012 when I decided to stop perming my hair. My reasons were because no matter how much I didn't scratch my head I still got harsh chemical burns and I was sick of it. It took some time to find these photos and reflect back to this time. When I started my transition it was a fairly new thing and people talked SO horrible about my hair. They said things like, "You need to perm that mess", " What's wrong with your head?", " You just need to perm your hair." Luckily, I'm not one of those people to feed into what others think of me or how they look at me. Someone's opinion of what I do has never been a determining factor for my life. I chose to do this transition for me, not for others. Although so young, I am glad I was able to stick to what I believed in even though it was rough. As you may have observed in some photos my hair length varies mainly because of me going to different stylist that did not know how to properly care for my hair type. I created and started using my own natural hair care products in 2017. Now my hair is as healthy and long as it has EVER been. I encourage you all to do whatever you feel that you want to do with your hair. If I had listened to others I would still be permed, raggedy, and bald headed. Any questions please feel free to ask in the chat with us box! 
              Thank You,
      Ta'Mera L. Miller - SweetTee's Hair Care LLC. Owner